Societies and Decentralized Systems Have A Lot In Common –

Societies and Decentralized Systems Have A Lot In Common –

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And so, to begin with, let’s go back to grade 8 in social studies and find out what society is, as a complex system:

A system is a collection of interacting and interconnected elements that form a single whole.

It also includes the following characteristics:

  • self-developing
  • unfinished
  • dynamic
  • open
  • self-regulating
  • self-structured
  • united

I can tell you in all seriousness that these characteristics are guaranteed to fit decentralized blockchains.

Now I will try to describe what each word means in society, as a system, and I will try to connect them with decentralization in simple words. Go:

Self-developing – this means that the system develops itself at the expense of internal resources. That is, in society there are some elements, people, relationships between people, and people themselves push society towards development.

How can this be related to decentralized blockchains?

Let’s take, for example, any blockchain that is actively developing now, for example Free TON:

The same characteristic can be rewritten to the blockchain and will fit well: “A self-developing system means it develops at the expense of internal resources, namely, thanks to active community members who popularize the product, thanks to network validators that maintain uninterrupted operation, thanks to programmers creating new applications and updating old. That is,